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September 20, 2001
12 pm EDT

Law Professors Express Support for In Defense of Freedom Statement


WASHINGTON, – DC. More than 300 law professors from across the United States have expressed support for the statement released at the National Press Club in Washington, DC today.

      According to Professor Jerry Kang at the UCLA School of Law, "Law professors understand that hasty decisions in times of crisis often sacrifice cherished liberties for uncertain gains."

      The In Defense of Freedom Statement calls on political leaders and the country to, "ensure that actions by our government uphold the principles of a democratic society, accountable government and international law, and that all decisions are taken in a manner consistent with the Constitution.

      The statement further says that, "We should resist efforts to target people because of their race, religion, ethnic background or appearance, including immigrants in general, Arab Americans and Muslims."

      Professor Kang said, "Our constitutional tradition makes clear the need to proceed with the utmost regard for America's fundamental freedoms. We join this statement to express our commitment to fundamental civil rights, equal treatment under the law, and a deliberative process that guards against decisions we may later regret."

      The law professors joined with more than 150 organizations in supporting the statement.


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